Why Weight Training is your Anti-Ageing fix

Why Weight Training is your Anti-Ageing fix

Weight training helps you make adjustments in posture that help you perform movements better and more efficiently.

If you think you’re too old to train, or you feel tired and flat like your body is waving the white flag, If you think your dumbbell press has no power, and your box jumps have no zest and spring like before, If you think your morning run is embarrassingly slow and turns into a jog and then a slow walk before you know, then it’s time turn to Bruce Lee for some inspiration.


“Use no way as way, use no limitation as limitation”

-Bruce Lee


We are human beings, we notice patterns and shortcuts that make us more efficient learners.  As we age, we not only learn, but also learn to learn simultaneously. This means that we gain experience from tweaking and tailoring movement patterns from years of conditioning. Weight training helps you make adjustments in posture that help you perform movements better and more efficiently. Thus, if you learn to become strong, learning to become fast should be easier.


Don’t let your mind convince you otherwise. I know, it feels impossible to understand when you’re reading this on the sofa, as your back feels fragile, and your immune system feels taxed.


Female fitness in particular is complex, powerful and has an infinite potential. In fact, we don’t yet know fully what our bodies are capable of, and have barely scratched the surface in understanding it. That’s why the foundations of the iTrain workout plan aim to empower women beyond reps and calories.


However, you won’t be promised a perfect workout, or a magic diet plan that answers all your dietary prayers. Whether you want to build a toned physique, or craft a leaner version of yourself, everything needs to be done in a progressive way, building your body up from a solid foundation in weight training.


The Secret: Know Your Body

The better you kinesthetically understand how it feels to move your body in space, the easier it will be to apply coaching cues. So it has less to do with age, and more to do with a well-rounded general physical preparation that will determine movement ability.


All things considered, iTrain’s workout plans are crafted to take you through the following stages


  • Stage One: Understand body basics
  • Stage Two: Learn to run, jump push and pull
  • Stage Three: Progressive overload with weights
  • Stage Four: Specialize and master specific skills


Through this base framework, all your motor skills are subsequently going to get much better. However, you’re going to have to experience some form of targeted stress, and your body is going to hurt.


You can’t magically reverse the ageing process, or get strong without ever lifting a weight. 


You have to continually subject your body to more than you did before

You have to run further than you did before

You have to put more weight on the bar than you did the last workout.


What does that mean?


You’re going to have to sweat.

You’re going to have to work hard.


There is no magic pill, or quick fix or shortcut. If your aim is to age gracefully, you must produce a physical adaptation so your lungs can function efficiently through endurance sessions. In order to improve, you must expose your body to a specific ‘stimulus to the intensity to which it is not adapted’. And at times, you might not like the idea of your legs and lungs complaining (again), or that every part of your body is in pain, but this only means that every part of your body will adapt; It can’t be any other way. Yes, it’s that simple, but it’s the only way to adapt and improve.


Just know that in the long run, you will reach the mountain peak if you keep walking, however slow. Our biological complexity as women will not keep us from getting stronger, even if the path is winding and inevitably gets rough in places. Just know that you always have iTrain to make it unforgettable every step of the way.