We're calling it the event of the year...

We're calling it the event of the year...

Before I give away too much, you should keep finger flicking with great concentration and let the excitement build, because this year- you're about to have a uniquely iTrain experience with just the right kind of ambiance, unavailable to the general public.


If you didn't catch what I just whispered, then it means there's still time to tie up those shoe-laces and work hard to alter the results as we near the end of the year. 


Yes, you know what I'm talking about, ladies. We talk about it in great detail after every session in typical female fashion? 


We're inching toward the big day, as we peel away the calendar pages. All the preparations are well underway, and a flurry of emotions of anticipation build up when it comes down to the grand "Event Of The Year".Conversations have circled around who might win, and countless time has been spent on what to wear to make heads spin..and oh! The Theme Reveal, don't even get me started, that's everything, isn't it? 


Before I give away too much, you should keep finger flicking with great concentration and let the excitement build, because this year- you're about to have a uniquely iTrain experience with just the right kind of ambiance, unavailable to the general public. 


I must admit, it was quite a tricky challenge for me, to come up with a unique theme, given how diverse the women at iTrain are! 

If you've been following us on social media for a while now-teetering on the edge of your seat for the theme release( so you can match your heels to your lipstick), the theme for this year's annual Awards Ceremony & Dinner is 'High Street Fashion'. 


This exclusive invite-only event celebrates the iTrain family tradition- so remember to carry with you, the same unstoppable attitude you brought to each training session.

Just rock up to the party, being uniquely you; I promise you, the air will be warm and the event will be fun, with delicious little treats and unforgettable memories. 


I've been revisiting memories of training sessions on my phone, and my camera scroll reminds me just how incredible it has been to witness each of you grow over the course of this year. I find it astonishing to believe that  22nd November of this year marks our 4th Annual iTrain Awards Ceremony. It's no surprise to me that every year we gain more inquiries about our programmes and challenges through this event.


That brings me back to why I take the time each year, to make sure everything is perfect, down to the little details. It matters to me greatly, that every woman understands that she's worth every applause she receives. It gives all of us- clients, families, and the whole community at large, a chance to celebrate the phenomenal transformations that can come about with just a few months of dedicated effort toward fitness. 


Why an awards ceremony? 


Too often, as women -we doubt our own strengths and ignore the small steps we've taken to improve our minds and bodies.

We all know that a little appreciation goes a long way as we've been toiling away, year-round through all those challenging moments when we felt like giving up. This event strives to applaud each of those women who are self-made champions with a mission to seek a better lifestyle.


We believe in bringing about a healthy amount of competition to allow women to strive for greater excellence despite their limitations. I think it's so important in the fitness industry, especially in our country, where it is so rare to see women being awarded for taking responsibility for their own health. 


Falling in love with the process can sometimes make us totally forget about the goal. On a day to day basis, it's hard to see the bigger picture of what we are capable of doing together.By showcasing the sheer persistence as a team and recognizing outstanding performances and results, we see bouts of inspiration ensue time and time again. 


I still think there’s something special about gathering together as a family and honoring those among us who have really pushed their limits. There is something special about standing together as a collective and watching someone's dream, come true. 


The outcomes of the event don't even feel like they matter now, do they? The countless lessons learned through 2017 outweigh the labels of winners and losers. Regardless of everything that's said and done, I'd take the time to sincerely thank each of my clients for offering her body a real chance for change. 


Through my eyes, I see a vision that extends into the future to empower women through physical fitness and strength. I am beginning to see with greater and greater clarity, how this can be a pioneering effort to help uplift women in our society, to serve as role models -not just for today, but for all the generations to come. 


As for today, all I have to say is that I'm about to tie up my shoelaces, throw my iTrain cap on, weather the sun, the cold and all the voices that said no, and just run. A bitter-sweet nostalgia greets me at the door and all the memories of 2017 surge up to scream "once more".I hope it will lead me, along with my iTrain family gently into the next year with more optimism than ever before.There is only looking forward, not backward, from today until the event on 22nd November, focusing on the possibility of only good things to come.