Perspective can change everything

Perspective can change everything

This week is about Perspective: A particular attitude towards something or a specific way of regarding it; A point of view, some would say.

This week is about Perspective:


A particular attitude towards something or a specific way of regarding it; A point of view, some would say.


"Most guidebooks historically are written from the editor's perspective.”


Synonyms: outlook, view, viewpoint, point of view, standpoint, position, stand, stance, angle, slant, attitude, frame of mind, frame of reference, approach, way of looking/thinking, vantage point, interpretation


"Her perspective on everything had been changing.."


That's the textbook definition. Right now, you can't entirely deny the fact that you’re enjoying the term break. Maybe you’re on holiday guilt-free of the consequences thereof.


On the flip side, perhaps your life just drags on by the day, swaying you away from reaching your goals. Some part of you nods in silent agreement, that this year isn't playing out in the way you had it all perfectly planned in your head.


As we know, October marks the final quarter of your health year.You're probably considering writing off 2017 as the countdown to 2018 begins. With only eleven weeks to go, are you really ready to throw in the towel? What if you could pick it back up and use it to wipe your sweat instead?

Ask yourself if you really have to be feeling this way? Are you seriously going to blame your circumstances yet again? It’s about time that excuse -needs to be excused. After all, you're responsible for it all.


At this crucial point, my personal take on embracing the final quarter would be to do everything it takes. Yes, everything. I often find myself altering my self-talk to a variant of “There is no way I'm going to head over to 2018 without making noticeable changes in my lifestyle. This year, I set out to progress holistically, and I’m about to do just that, every step of the way, down to the last day of 2017. Yes, I’ve raised the standards I’ve set for myself drastically. Yes, the expectations I have of myself are incredibly hard to meet, but I will fight mediocrity. I refuse to settle for being called average”.


Right now, you must realize one thing- your current state can change.Genuinely, you don't need to feel the way you're feeling right now. For goodness sake, you have everything it takes. Why just sit there and accept something you’re not entirely happy with?


So to hell with the damn scale not moving (I personally hate the scale so I simply don't jump on). Remove anything that’s toxic for your mind and step up. Bring your A game, warrior paint smeared on your face!


After a long training day on Sunday, I’ve been reflecting a lot. I put many things into perspective in my own personal life. Truth be told, I was kind of sidelining and playing that avoidant game with myself. When Monday came around, I knew things needed to change. I knew that if things stayed the same, I wouldn’t be true to myself. I knew that I'd have to be putting in twice the number of hours and double up my current efforts to get where I want to be. I'm putting in a lot now, and I recognise my hard work, but I also realise how much more there is to go. So I woke up and did just that. It's simple.Change your mind and start to realize what your priorities should be. No more faffing and wasting time on things that don't offer real value to your life.


Think hard today about your health. Think carefully about the food you eat. No one says that being skinny is everything, except the false view society has thrust upon you. Has anyone worth listening to ever asked you to take on a diet fad that makes false promises? You and I both know that food can be a form of slow poison. Your own pick from self-sabotaging menu of endless choices. It's the reality of today; Whether you want to accept it or not- that's up to you.


I'll leave you there for now to seriously think and put things in perspective. I apologise for being point blank and honest when it comes to health. I’m only trying to show you how imminent this is to your life right now.It's just how I feel, and I truly believe that it's going to help us collectively gravitate our lives around living healthy and feeling comfortable in our own skins. What do you think?


Happy Thursday.

iTrain 🙏🏼