The 8 Week BTC July 2017

The 8 Week Total Body Transformation Challenge

If you’re a brave South African woman ready to transform your body into a unique masterpiece, this is just what you need. Imagine your mind and body to be like a blank canvas, ready to be transformed into a work of art.
If you’re a brave South African woman ready to transform your body into a unique masterpiece, this is just what you need.
Imagine your mind and body to be like a blank canvas, ready to be transformed into a work of art.
Think about it!
Our training program contains the most efficient exercise progressions to safely push your body to its limits while fully understanding the nuances and needs of women’s bodies.Unlock the brakes on your weight loss streak with the most effective exercises from our range of exercise modifications that are tailored to the individual. 
At the end of 8 weeks, expect to display unimaginable feats of internal as well as external muscular strength. 
First things first.
Let me give you an idea of what you’re getting into...
What we do in the course of 8 weeks is so much more than being active, or having mere motivation. It’s about enduring the bumps along the way, the utter fatigue of an intense session, the soreness of hamstrings crying out, sometimes on an almost-weekly basis. 
It’s facing the unexpected and the unknown, together as a band of fierce women.
It’s about confronting a new plateau every single time you train with an entirely different mindset and improved body strength. It’s the mental game that comes into play in the later weeks; The ability to push yourself into that place of shared struggle and to come out on the other side triumphant! It’s about testing your  old limits, and mentally blocking out the chatter to focus only the reps and your breath. It’s the willingness to show up 100% to every workout- again and again, even when your body is thrashed and exhausted.It’s about the inner smile that remains transfixed somewhere on the insides of your body when you’re really sweating it out!It's that feeling of  finally feeling like you deserve the nutritional food on your plate!
Now, it’s time to down to the details..
Features of the program 
-16 training sessions 
-Fitness tests 
-Before and after assessments
-Nutritional guide 
-Fitness pack
16 Training Sessions 
The challenge is designed for everybody’s success, structured in a way that you never have to wonder what’s next. Your workouts over the 16 training sessions are already pre-programmed for you, taking the guesswork out of the equation. 
Fitness tests
Having regular fitness tests will help you navigate your own personal fitness journey and make the most of the subsequent workouts.
Before and after assessments
Hitting each of your fitness goals gives us the chance to celebrate your success! Before and after assessments gives you an opportunity to be proud of the little achievements, because it’s all about the progress you’re making toward your larger goals.
Nutritional guide
With the nutritional guide as your road map, your meal choices are already made on your behalf. This takes the confusion and time wasted figuring out options out of the equation, leaving you with simple instructions to follow, alongside the workout sessions, so you can do your part, and I can do mine. 
Fitness pack
With your arsenal of iTrain Fitness pack in your bag of tricks, you are assured to win the ongoing battle against motivation.
What makes the 8 week challenge different? What sets it apart from the rest?
One important factor that makes our training workouts in the 8 week challenge different from other fitness programs is that strength and mobility are developed in balance with a longer time frame to allow for a balanced approach to fitness.
In the weeks to follow, you will undoubtedly try many new things.Rather than becoming bored by the monotony of weights, machines, and treadmills, our workouts will have you on the mat, lifting kettle balls, stretching on the wall and all in one workout! This variety helps keep things fun, while also making sure that you are improving your core- thereby giving you a lean and muscular physique!
This variety of movement and balanced approach to training will help you from feeling fatigued after a few hard weeks of training. We lay emphasis on our  pre-workout stretching exercises that will help speed up the process of recovery and, in turn, keep you injury free.
Lastly, our unique workouts are designed to boost your progress through personally understanding the appropriate intensity that your body requires. 
This leaves no stone unturned. 
We methodically develop your body from the ground up.
Simply follow along with your personalised workout eating plan and get expert tips along the way.
If you are still facing a fitness dilemma, save yourself some sweat and tears and sign up today!
If you’re afraid, chances are someone else has been in your exact position before. At some point, even the most insanely fit and healthy clients were complete beginners. They didn’t let the fear stop them; they took on the 8 week challenge and never looked back! 
A common mistake that I’ve noticed in women early on is to compare their current fitness level to that of others. This can be discouraging if you’re just starting out, as it’s really easy to feel like you’ll never be able to keep pace with the others. Once you’re overcome the self-consciousness and initial resistance to a new training routine, you’ll stop feeling intimidated and start to love your body in ways previously unknown to you.
Everyone has different abilities and experience levels, different health history and unique nutritional and workout intensity requirements.
Getting back into the swing of working out regularly can make demands on your time, but imagine your body tugging at your trousers, asking you to pay more attention to it and really listen. 
Don’t let uncertainty or fear keep you from improving yourself! Sign up today!
If you feel intimidated and are scared of adjusting your routine, you can always drop in and have a personal chat.
Take it One Day at a Time
Think of the 8 week challenge as taking the express lane on lifestyle change to meet your dream body.
But remember! 
Improving your body and mindset toward fitness is not an easy endeavor. There is nothing more frustrating than spending hours on end staring at the weighing scale waiting for it to budge immediately after a workout.
Remodeling your physique takes time. 
And patience. 
Consistency is Key
The real secret to reaching your fitness goals is to show up for every workout.The timings and structure of each session have flexibility built in during the planning stage so that your training is tailored to your life. At iTrain, it’s not the other way around.
Consistently adhering to your routine should be your priority number one. The results just flow after that! 
If you show up well rested and ready to work on yourself, changes will come. Be really patient with yourself and remind yourself that you did more than just show up.  Remind yourself  that you are getting way stronger, and remember to register the feeling after you kill your workout.
Over the course of the 8 weeks, if you can keep up the positive attitude and consistency in practice, rest assured that that’s where results truly stem from.
Our iTrain Family is always here to support you..
With an enormous spectrum of women from all walks of life, you’re bound to find supportive members who can motivate you to begin your  journey and stick with it! Eventually, you’ll find the other women to be your support system as well as your personal fitness squad. You’ll allow their cheer to ring in your ears, long after the workout sessions. Great bonds of friendship will be made at the team events, leaving you with sweet memories for years to come. 
1.Are you listening to your body? The 8 week challenge is just what you need. 
2.Unique program features and much more awaits you 
3. Consistency and patience is all we ask of you..
Taking even the smallest step out of your comfort zone each day will ultimately lead to your growth.
With my guidance, support, and motivation from other participants, you have all that you need to get into amazing shape! I can help to answer anything you might run into regarding your workouts, routines, programming, nutrition, and more.
Your dedicated coach, 
- Mariam Manack,
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